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Consider This! - New arena


In just a couple of weeks, Savannah’s City Council will vote once again on a proposed new arena for our city.

After two decades of debate, millions of dollars spent accumulating land and repeated support by tax payers via SPLOST votes, it’s time for the city to stop talking and start digging.

The proposed site is on the western edge of the city. Not much to look at now, but the new arena will change all of that. Some would prefer the arena be placed in the heart of downtown, much like the current, too old and too small Civic Center.

But that’s just not practical, from a land grab standpoint and from a parking standpoint.

Consider this: If you build it they will come. And by they, I mean top acts and entertainment, residents and tourists.

Right now we’re losing out to Charleston and Jacksonville on top flight entertainment and the spending that goes with those attractions.

Unlike the failed attempts to build a replacement for Grayson stadium, a new arena is critical to the growth of our city and the tourism that we depend upon.

To do nothing about our aging arena and still expect people to pack the stands would just be bananas.

{Consider This! is an expression of opinion of the Editorial Board of WTOC}.

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