New post office coming to Pooler

New post office coming to Pooler

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - A new, bigger post office will soon be coming to the city of Pooler.

The city has outgrown the current building that is decades old. It's something residents have wanted for a while, and something city officials have been pushing to get for years.

Now it's finally happening, and the folks there say it's about time.
"We have such a volume of people, that it's ridiculous to get in and out of the post office with good service," said Thomas Harris, Pooler resident.
Harris has lived in Pooler for 56 years and has never seen it this bad.

"It's aggravation. I have to end up going to Bloomingdale a lot of times, because there's too many people that go here," said Harris.
"I used to go every day. I might make it twice a week, because there's no parking, you can't get in," said Shirley Rash, Pooler resident.
At a public meeting Monday, Postal Service representatives said they're searching for a bigger location for the post office, but the size of the building isn't the only issue.
One of the main concerns residents have is the size of the parking lot. Not to mention
that when people are pulling in and out, it tends to back up traffic along Highway 80.
"It looks like an accident waiting to happen," said Pooler Mayor Mike Lamb.
Getting a new post office has been a priority for Mayor Lamb since he took office 12 years ago.

"We need something to be done at this post office, because we were already three times bigger at that time than when it was first built," said Mayor Lamb.

Monday, he said Pooler's population is at least ten times bigger than what the current post office can handle.

The majority of residents at the meeting don't want the new post office to be in Godley Station, the bustling part of Pooler that has seen the most growth recently.

USPS assured the crowd Monday they want to keep the new post office as close to the current one as possible.

The city has made some suggestions and USPS is asking residents for their input, too, but some aren't that optimistic.

"I can suggest sites to them, but they're going to pick a site. Once they pick it, they'll tell me what it is...and it's a done deal," said Rash.
The Federal Government will ultimately decide what happens here. It does not intend to build a post office from scratch. USPS is looking for an existing building it can occupy.

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