Hilton Head Town Council will not sell tennis court on Cordillo Pkwy

Hilton Head Town Council will not sell tennis court on Cordillo Pkwy

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - After years of discussion, Hilton Head council has decided not to sell the town's tennis court on Cordillo Parkway.

Council members denied the sale after hearing from more than half a dozen residents who say children rely on the space as a safe play area. Council suggested the town keep the property and turn it into a green space where children could play and building a park nearby.

The mayor says they will continue to discuss what to do with the property in upcoming meetings.

Residents on Cordillo Parkway say this isn't any tennis court – it's special.

"Half of the tennis court is football and soccer and the other half are kids playing in there," said Gloria Mina, Hilton Head resident.

Located in the center of multiple low income neighborhoods, folks say the tennis court is a safe place to play for the community's children.

"It gives the kids an opportunity to play tennis. They even try to play basketball," said Althea Rodd, Hilton Head resident.

The town says the courts aren't really used nor maintained. Tenants are concerned that once the property is sold to a private entity, the safe playing days will be over.

"That's the only place where they play at. There's no other place. We don't have a park close to here that they can go to, unless we go to the beach," said Mina.

"When you take this away, where are the kids going to play at? That's ridiculous. Do not take that away from the kids," said Rodd.

The Neighborhood Outreach Connection circulated a petition that was signed more than 200 times. Folks say this is something they deserve.

"People who live here mind their own business. They go to work, they come home. That's it. The kids play out here. There's nothing wrong with living in Cordillo," said Rodd.

The town council will be discussing the tennis court sale in Tuesday night's council meeting. We'll be the first to let you know what they decide.

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