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Bidding for a piece of Bloomingdale

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Some concerned Bloomingdale residents recently reached out to us wondering if their city officials are doing everything they're supposed to be doing when it comes to advertising city-owned property up for sale.

A private South Carolina company approached Bloomingdale wanting to buy an 11-acre plot of land on Wild Cat Dam Road.

Right off Highway 80, near Pooler Parkway, the eleven point three acre tract of land is an attractive investment. And it's one the City of Bloomingdale has had in their back pocket since 1983.

City officials were recently approached by the Humanities Foundation out of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a company that specializes in building affordable housing, with an offer on the property.

"Humanities Foundation, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina...purchase price that would be paid at closing would be $512,000," Bloomingdale City Administrator Charles Akridge read aloud during the meeting.

Some of our viewers reached out to us expressing concern that not enough information was disclosed about the bid process, and that put any other bidder and a real disadvantage. Mary Ann Moore, the only other bidder on the property, made that point Tuesday night. 

Moore said, "We found out that you all had said something about there is supposed to be an opening bid of $45,000 an acre? And that was not in your advertisement."

Akridge replied, "It may be that we re-advertise that so it is clear that the property is for sale, and that there will be a minimum bid. So we don't have a problem doing that, to the extent that it was not clear, I apologize to you all."

The following public notice was published in the newspaper on March 28th:

Moore's bid was only $10,000, hoping it might be a good investment for the future. She says that bid shows how unfair the process really was. 

"I would like to see them give people more time to research property that comes up for sale, and to be able to come in and make a bid on it," said Moore.

Knowledge is king when preparing a bid on city excess property like this. If you ever find yourself interested in a similar investment, make sure you too do your research and ask the right questions, beyond what might appear in a newspaper public notice.  

Money from the sale of this property in Bloomingdale will go into the general fund.  

City council will decide whether or not to pause the bidding process on Thursday.

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