Inside Information Suspected in Burger King Safe Theft

A robbery at a Southside Burger King early this morning has police asking, 'How did they do that?' Police believe two men broke into the fast-food restaurant on Abercorn Street and Mercy Boulevard.

But to pull off this robbery, it took some serious strength and some smarts.

Around 2:30am, an employee says he was washing dishes when he heard someone come into the locked restaurant. He told police out of nowhere two men put a gun to his head, forced him into the back room and duct taped him to a chair.

When the early shift workers arrived three hours later, they heard him scream for help and called 911.

Police found the dishwasher still taped up, the cash registers cleaned out and the restaurant's safe missing.

The safe is no ordinary safe. It operates on time delay and weighs more than 700 pounds. The owner believes it took several people several hours to move it.

Once the suspects got it through the doors, it looks like they dropped it. You can see the marks on the concrete. Then they loaded the safe up, possibly in a pickup truck, and took off.

The restaurant owner says, in order for someone to know how to move that safe and operate its time delayed lock, the suspects had to have some inside information.

Who had that information, and who is responsible for the robbery? Police are still looking for those answers.

The employee was not injured. If you have any information on who is behind this robbery, call the police.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,