WTOC Hometown Hero: Lowcountry officers save dog

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - A man posted a sincere "thank you" to a pair of Hardeeville Police Department officers and a Jasper County Sheriff's deputy on Facebook, saying the three went "above and beyond the call" to help save a four-legged friend.

It started as a busy day for Officer Rhonda Watson of the Hardeeville Police Department.

"Several accidents, which I was trying to respond to," said Officer Watson.

When she got another call, a dog had been hit on I-95. A busy road, especially in the afternoon.

"He tried to rescue the dog himself, but it had walked further into the swampy area and laid down into the water because she was in pain," said Officer Watson.

Officer Watson, with the help of fellow Officer Croft and a Jasper County deputy, pulled the dog through the swamp and carried her back to the vehicle. Later, finding a vet that would treat her.

Then came the unexpected.

"Like wow, that's me," said Officer Watson.

The man who called about the dog posted a "thank you", along with a photo, saying "had it not been for these officers, this dog would not have survived."

"I was kind of surprised because I had no idea that there was even someone taking photographs," said Officer Watson.

But for her, it's not for praise. Just all in a day's work.

"And it's just a part of being helpful within the community, that's my job, helping the community and trying to keep everyone safe, including four–legged animals," said Officer Watson.

Now, the furry friend is on her road to recovery.

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