Intruder targets, attacks elderly Jasper County couple

Intruder targets, attacks elderly Jasper County couple

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - We are getting new details into the WTOC 24-hour newsroom from the Jasper County Sheriff's Office after an elderly couple was attacked at their home, Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect responsible for the attack is still on the loose.

Sheriff Jenkins says a male in his early 30's stopped by couple's house, asking if he could resurface their driveway. They told him they weren't interested and didn't have the money, but he insisted and sprayed anyway, then proceeded to ask the couple for the money.

"He said it was $5,700 he didn't have, so he said he was going to get his money anyway, assaulting Mr. Youmans by punching him in the chest, knocking him on the ground, then went on the porch and assaulted Mrs. Youmans; punched her in the face," the sheriff said.

The suspect then left in his black pickup truck.

Lisa and Robin Simmons live in the area and have known the couple for years. They say they are amazing people, and the crime is getting out of control.

"The husband is really sick and she has been sick for a while too, and I don't know if the people target them and knew that they were sick, or knew they were an elderly couple."

"I look through the door, and I also look through the window, and if I don't recognize you, I do not answer the door."

This is what Sheriff Jenkins advises other residents to do as well.

"It's sad. If they do it to an elderly couple, what  do you think? They'll do to anybody else. These people were helpless," he said.

Neighbors and friends say the wife in this case is a minister who helped start Miracle Deliverance Tabernacle, which sits in front of their house.

If you know anything about this case, you are asked to call the Jasper County Sheriff's Office.

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