Port Royal shrimp docks in jeopardy

Port Royal shrimp docks in jeopardy

PORT ROYAL, SC (WTOC) - The future of the Port Royal shrimp docks is hanging in the balance.

Officials say last year's seafood market has devastated its operations, and the docks are putting a financial burden on the town.

Since the fire destroyed the seafood market and all of the equipment inside, the town has been losing a lot of money. Now officials are at a crossroads.

Do they keep taking a financial hit? Or do they shut down the operations at the dock?

"We don't want to continue to dump good money down a hole that's cost us quite a bit of money six or seven years to keep the docks operational. Last year, just before the fire, we were starting to turn the corner to breaking even down there," said Port Royal Mayor Pro tem Tom Klein.

Now, the town is trying to figure out how they can bounce back from such a huge loss. Details about the insurance settlements are still being ironed out - but officials have to figure out if they want to rebuild and start over – or to hang it up.

One of the big questions is, if the market is rebuilt, will the town make enough money to continue its operations?

"We're leaning towards shutting the operations down but I still think that we can hold out some hope of pulling together a task force to look at what we can do down there," said Klein.

Officials still believe the docks can be economically beneficial for the town and they will explore all of their options before a final decision is made.

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