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Graphic Video: Brutal robbery attack in Liberty Co. caught on camera

(Source: Liberty Co. Sheriff's Office) (Source: Liberty Co. Sheriff's Office)

A brutal attack during a gas station robbery in southern Liberty County has the sheriff’s office looking for help to solve the crime.

Two women were inside the El Cheapo gas station just off I-95 at exit 67, when two masked men with guns came in early Thursday morning.

The two masked men had already grabbed cash from the register, along with arms full of cartons of cigarettes, when one of the men grabbed a baseball bat that was behind the counter, striking one of the women in the back of the head.

"We are releasing this video to the public in hopes of catching animals like this. People like this, that are capable of doing this sort of thing, have no place in our society,” said Sheriff Steve Sikes, Liberty County.

We have to warn you, it's a brutal attack and we have stopped the video before the worst of it, because the impact of the bat to the back of the woman’s head is so violent and graphic.

"The robbery was completed. These guys could've walked straight out of that facility down there and gotten in their cars and drove off. The horrendous act that they did walking out the door is what's really got me concerned,” said Sheriff Sikes.

Sheriff Sikes and the lead investigators on this case are hoping someone out there will recognize some of the details of the clothing that can be seen in the video.

"The one subject who was wearing what appears to be a jacket, the sleeves were a different color than the jacket. There is a 'S' emblem on it, there's an emblem on the right breast of that. Someone who knows this person, or is familiar with this person, might be able to help us help us identify who that is, or have an idea where we could start to look for that jacket,” said Captain Doug Snider, Detective, LCSO.

The detective says what was stolen could also give the men away.

"If somebody that you know all of a sudden has a large quantity of Newport cigarette cartons, we would like you to call us about that also,” Captain Snider said.

Amazingly, the woman who was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat was treated and released from the hospital, and is now at home recovering. However, where the physical damage may heal, the mental and emotional damage will likely linger on.

"As you can imagine, this has been extremely traumatic emotionally for both of them. I think it is obvious when you talk to them. I think it will have a long-range impact on their lives,” said Captain Snider.

The woman who was hit was actually a friend of the clerk who works there, and was staying with her on that shift because she had a bad feeling - what they told the investigators was a premonition.

If you know who is responsible for this crime, you can call the sheriff’s office with the tip anonymously.

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