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Running for a Reason: Supporting SCMPD Sgt. John Cain

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We’re going to take you to a finish line that is actually the beginning of a long road for a Savannah-Chatham Metro Police officer.

Remember the name Sergeant John Cain?

If not, you may remember the picture of Sgt. Cain helping a runner across the finish line at last year’s Rock n' Roll Marathon in Savannah.

Now, Sgt. Cain is facing his own health crisis but he's not doing it alone. Sgt. Cain was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He told WTOC he's overwhelmed by the support he's received from people all across our area, and Friday night was a convincing demonstration of just how much he's loved.

Friday’s 5K brought out a bunch of runners - and some walkers, too - among them was Sgt. Cain. Who told WTOC he wouldn't miss the run for anything.

"I could've sat home, but that's not fair to everybody else that comes out here to support me. I feel like I need to be a part of what they're going through and show them this is a team effort...not just for me, but for everybody,” said Sgt. Cain.

No one would've blamed him for sitting this one out, either. It's a chemo week for Cain, but that didn't stop him.

Four days ago, only 42 people were registered for the 5K. More than 200 showed up.

Organizers estimate they raised close to $10,000. Money that will help pay for Cain's surgery down the road.

"It has its ups and downs. There are days that you go through where you're really, really sick because of the chemo. There's other days that you're doing extremely well,” said Sgt. Cain.

Days like Friday.

The surgery is what doctors are looking at long-term, but Cain's short-term goal is to get back to work serving the people of Savannah, like he did on that day in November when he helped Robert McCoy cross the finish line.

Friday, McCoy returned the favor.

"It just brought back memories from when we were at the Rock N' Roll... and coming across the line and everything. It was just awesome. It was very, very emotional,” said McCoy.

The more WTOC talked with Sergeant Cain, the more he stressed to that Friday wasn't just about him, but about inspiring hope for every cancer fighter and for their families.

"Never, ever give up -- that is my message -- never, ever give up. Every day may be a fight, but every day is worth fighting for,” said Sgt. Cain.

Cain's family has also raised almost $35,000 for his treatment through a GoFundMe page. If you would like to donate, please click here.

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