Byron Leftwich & Tommy Tuberville

Byron Leftwich & Tommy Tuberville
Winning is Worth a Spit
There’s nothing like winning to bring the high school football fans out to the stadiums on Friday night. The Portal Panthers were enjoying their first winning season in 17 years and suddenly being at the games was the place to be. Fans are showing up wearing the Panther colors and Athletic Director Jimmy Parrish says he likes it that the people are talking about Portal football in a positive light for a change, “It gives them a chance to stand around and spit and talk about the good times.”
A Couple of Sore Feet
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Byron Leftwich, was talking about the Jaguars first loss of the season to Indianapolis, “We didn’t score touchdowns. We got field goals. But, it’s about touchdowns in this league. I know we’re going to watch this film and kick ourselves in the foot.”
Then there’s Georgia Tech defensive end, Eric Henderson, talking about the loss to Duke in 2003, “Last year’s Duke game was pitiful. I think we came out flat foot.”
Bush or Kerry... Kerry or Bush
St. Louis Rams quarterback, Marc Bulger, was able to attend the presidential debate in him hometown. He was later asked on which side of the aisle he sat. Bulger sidestepped the issue like an onrushing lineman by saying, “I sat on the right side of the aisle, that would mean the correct side.”
The Oldest Rivalry in the Deep South
Georgia and Auburn have been playing football since 1892, making it the oldest rivalry in the Deep South. These two schools have an intensity when they play each other, but it’s an intensity based on respect and not hate like a lot of rivalries. Tiger Coach Tommy Tuberville says, “The players love it. The coaches, now that’s another story, but the players love it.”
Training Ground
On September 11th, Virginia whipped North Carolina 56-24. In that game, Cavaliers Safety Marques Weeks returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown. He had a clear explanation of how he was able to accomplish this feat, “That was just instinct, kind of like running from the cops.”
A Man for All Seasons
The Florida Marlins have always had trouble drawing fans to Pro Player Stadium. During the 2004 season, the defending World Series champions were making a run at the playoffs again, but still the fans stayed away for most of the season. Pitcher A. J. Burnett had a different view as to how to put fans in the seats, “We need to come out in shoulder pads and helmets next season.”
How’s That?
Cornerback Ike Taylor of the Pittsburgh Steelers was given a rare chance to start a game during the exhibition season. He expressed his excitement, “You only get a once in a lifetime opportunity so many times.”


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