Man Seeks Missing Duck

You hear about lost dogs all the time, but a lost duck? One Savannah man is desperately looking for his male mallard after it went missing from his backyard in downtown Savannah.

Shawn Screen is trying to figure what happened after his duck Sampson disappeared over the weekend, leaving a very angry female behind.

This is a tale of two lovers who have been quacking together since they were just ducklings. "They were in love," Screen said.

That love was interrupted when the Sampson went missing on Sunday, leaving mother-to-be Suzabell with 25 eggs in her now fatherless nest. "It's funny that she stands there, because that's where Sampson stands when he's here," said Screen.

Screen bought the two ducks when he decided to get engaged. "They're our first babies."

And every day neighbors would come by to visit their babies. It was one of those visits when they noticed that Sampson may have flown the coop.

"Her other half is missing," Screen said. "I just hope someone didn't take him because he had a home here and I don't think he'll be happy anywhere else."

Screen even came to Lake Mayer to find Sampson. Despite mallards being monogamous creatures, the males are known to leave the females when their eggs are incubating.

But whether Sampson left on his own or was stolen out of the pond, Screen says he wants his mallard back. "We just want try to put our family back together."

Shawn and his fiance are offering a reward for Sampson and are asking anyone with any information to contact them at 844.4317 or 844.5726. They are just hoping for a safe return of their duck and Suzabell's partner.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,