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Campaign Countdown: Trump, Clinton hope to regain momentum in New York

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Presidential frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hope to regain momentum as New York holds its presidential primaries next Tuesday. 

Polls show Trump with a 2-1 lead over Ohio Governor John Kasich in New York’s Republican race, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz running third.  On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a double digit lead over Bernie Sanders, but Sanders has been drawing huge crowds as he tries to keep his winning streak alive. 

After being shut out in Colorado’s system of caucuses, Donald Trump has spent much of the week accusing the Republican establishment of working behind the scenes to keep him from becoming the nominee.  

“The system folks is rigged.  It’s a rigged, disgusting dirty system,” Trump said. 

Savannah State University Political Science professor Dr. Bruce Mallard says the rules have been in place for a long time and that Trump missed deadlines that would have helped him.  

“Actually the system has worked to his advantage so far.  He’s gotten 42 percent of the vote and 45 percent of the delegates,” said Mallard. 

Mallard says a lot of people don’t realize that the party makes the rules when it comes to nominating a candidate for November. 

“So the party makes the rules and sometimes they add even stricter rules.  Four years ago you couldn’t be nominated if the convention went to an open convention unless you had won eight primaries.  They kind of call that the Mitt Romney rule where he was kind of trying to eliminate the competition, so those rules haven’t been made yet until the convention starts, but they are very different from party to party,” said Mallard. 

But it’s not just Trump supporters frustrated with the nomination system.  On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders has won eight of the last nine contests, but Clinton still picked up more delegates thanks to the party’s super delegates.   

While Trump still has a chance to get the needed 1,237 delegates needed to lockup the Republican nomination, it is looking more and more like the Republicans will head to their convention this summer in Cleveland with the nomination still open—something Mallard does not believe will be good for the Grand Old Party.  

“It’s really got lose-lose kind of potential here. If Trump is the nominee a lot of people will go away unhappy because they feel he is the least likely candidate to win in November of all the Republicans and if he is denied the nomination, then he and all his followers will be very unhappy and I think he could very well run as a third party candidate,” Mallard said.

Mallard believes that would spell disaster for the Republicans in November. 

Other Notes: The First District Congressional Committee of the Georgia Republican Party will hold its district convention this Saturday, April 16th from 10 a.m. to noon at the Dorchester Civic Center in Midway. Three delegates and three alternates will be chosen to represent the First District at the convention in Cleveland this July.

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