‘Recognizing and Ending Sextortion’ lecture at Candler Hospital

‘Recognizing and Ending Sextortion’ lecture at Candler Hospital

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's a new and growing means of individuals coercing children online to produce sexually graphic images and videos of themselves through threats of extortion.

Thursday night, there was a lecture held at Candler Hospital with local experts focusing on how to recognize the crime and put a stop to it.

For parents, signs this could be happening to your child is a decline in school performance, dropping out of sports and turning to drugs and alcohol.

Officials want children to know that whatever they are told online may not be true.

"It's tough today, but know what your children are posting online. Who they are talking to online... and that's not only the computer, but smart phones now as well. See what they're posting and who they are talking to. What kind of information they're exchanging with individuals," said Larry Meyer, FBI Special Agent.

Thursday's event was put on by the Coastal Children's Advocacy Center.

Meyer says a big part is letting your child know they will not be arrested if this is happening to them.
Kids might be scared to come forward, but let them know it is okay to tell a parent, teacher or counselor if something is happening online that makes them feel uncomfortable.

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