FBI presents flag for SSgt. Chester McBride

FBI presents flag for SSgt. Chester McBride

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - An emotional tribute Monday morning in Statesboro to honor a fallen hero.

Back in December, we showed you the days after an Air Force sergeant died in Afghanistan. Monday morning, family members and others gathered once again in his memory.

The flag presentation helped further bond all the loved ones of Chester McBride, both his relatives by birth and his family in law enforcement.

Only a few gathered as FBI agents presented Ssg. McBride a flag that had flown over Afghanistan. The Airman was one of six military members killed there in an explosive attack back in December. McBride died protecting others in the blast.

"That's my baby brother. He's still my brother to me, even though he was a hero to everybody else," said Latrell Zeigler, McBride's sister.

"...and to see him honored, recognized, acknowledged for being the person that he was and for his greatness, it's truly a blessing," said McBride's girlfriend, Aretha Clisby.

The flag came through the FBI, an agency McBride planned on joining this year when he left the Air Force, and an agency that already looked forward to having him on their team.

Agents said they were touched by McBride's death, but also the demonstration of respect and loved shown during his homecoming and funeral.

"As somebody coming in from out of town, it was impressive to see the amount of attention, the amount of respect and amount of pride this town felt for Chester McBride," said FBI Agent Jim Harrison.

A pride that will carry on.

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