Olin Heights residents discuss traffic issues with alderman

Olin Heights traffic calming meeting to be held at Wilder Chapel

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The second traffic calming meeting in one month for residents in District 4 was held Tuesday night.

Up for discussion, traffic circles in Olin Heights. Specifically 56th through 58th and 60th streets.

Alderman Julian Miller led the meeting, looking for public input regarding temporary circles put up last year.

Tuesday residents had to let their Alderman know if they wanted permanent circles or not, and if not, the city would move on to another project.

"Keep in mind that the city does not determine traffic calming. Residents ask for traffic calming. The city responds and tries to give the residents what they're asking for. We have to have something more than 50 percent of the residents to tell us 'Yes, we want this device in front of our house' because there's a negative to having the device there, too," said Alderman Miller.

"People go way too fast and it gets dangerous sometimes. We walk our pets. We walk ourselves and, just... we had two cars drag racing down the street the other day," said Tom Lyle, Olin Heights resident.

Some of the residents WTOC spoke with at Tuesday's meeting told us this is actually the first time they've heard of the project that's allegedly been going on for three years now.

We will reach out to Alderman Miller Wednesday and let you know if they reached a majority decision on the traffic calming circles.

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