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Hampton Co. Sheriff’s Office improving community, deputy relations

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If deputies come knocking on your door, don’t be alarmed. They probably just want to talk.

It’s part of a new program created by the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office to improve relations between law enforcement and the people they protect.

The sheriff says they want the public to know that they’re the good guys. And if they have to introduce themselves to everyone in the county to gain their trust, they’ll do it.

When you get pulled over or you see a deputy in your yard, knocking on their doors, your mind – and your heart – might start racing.

“I thought ‘what did I do?’” asked Eddie Ayer, Hampton County resident.

Ayer didn’t do anything. The deputy who patrols his neighborhood just wanted to chat. And this is what he had to say.

“We pretty much introduce ourselves. We greet them so they can know the deputies and the officers who are actually patrolling their area,” said Jarvis Lessane, Hampton County Sheriff’s Office.

Ayer didn’t mind the quick conversation.

“It lets the people know they’re on the people’s side,” said Ayer.

He says it’s helpful to get to know the people who put their lives on the line to protect his family.

“I think law enforcement get a bad rap nowadays. It’s been a lot of things going on across the country that put them in a bad spot,” said Ayer.

Deputies hope that if they get to know the community on a personal level, it'll make their job a little easier.

"We want to build a relationship with the community, so they can know us more as officers who are here to help them instead of officers who are always coming to put people in jail or to write tickets,” said Lessane.

This is a brand new program. The sheriff’s office says they’ve only been able to get a few neighborhoods, and deputies will make their way throughout the rest of the county over the next few months.

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