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Olin Heights residents, alderman still discussing traffic calming plan

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Speeding in one Savannah neighborhood is promoting folks who live there to look at traffic calming solutions with their elected officials.

Earlier this week, 4th District Alderman Julian Miller led a meeting focusing on traffic calming solutions for the Olin Heights neighborhood, to get feedback from residents on how they'd like to tackle the issue.

More than half of the residents living around the temporary traffic circles needed to give their approval before moving ahead with a more permanent solution. And Alderman Miller says people on 58th and 60th were able to reach an agreement.

Traffic engineers met with residents Tuesday to look at solutions to replace or remove the temporary traffic calming circles that were put in place at the request of residents. But those temporary circles were only supposed to be in place for three months, and they've been there much longer.

Alderman Miller says Tuesday's meeting was productive, but fell short when it came to getting all of those concerned to attend.

“At our first meeting, we had a lot of people who were in favor of the items that we were proposing for 56th Street. Those people were somehow not advised of the second meeting. We had a lot of people show up who are not in favor of it. We are going to have to start all over. The citizens’ office and the engineering office are working together with the city manager's office, we are going to re-create the 56th Street discussion,” said Alderman Miller.

Miller says folks living on 56th St. have seen an increase in traffic because of traffic calming circles on 58th and 60th streets.

A meeting date for the 56th Street residents has yet to be set.

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