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Hardeeville neighborhood on high alert after rash of recent break-ins

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Crooks in the Lowcountry have one Hardeeville community on edge after several homes were burglarized in broad daylight. Residents say the break-ins are unsettling, but they are taking a stand.

Oakwood Drive residents say they’ve come home to broken windows and thousands of dollars of property missing. 

“The thieves had taken off the utility box, and therefore cut everything off and broke into the back of our house and stole jewelry, stole our silver. They violated our house,” said Hardeeville resident, Pam Redman.

Now when you drive down their road, you’ll notice more security.

“We have a very sophisticated alarm system. We have cameras everywhere,” she said.  

Some of the folks are even considering buying weapons.

“We’ve never thought about having one until recently,” Pam said.

They are not backing down. After the most recent burglary, where TV’s, guns, and laptops where stolen, they’ve started a community watch and adopted a new motto: “Neighbors Protecting Neighbors.”

“Everybody is watching everybody’s house. I even cruise the neighborhood and there are several of us, when we leave the house, before we get on our way, we drive through our neighborhood, just looking,” said Pam.

Jasper County Sheriff Gregory Jenkins says they’ve increase patrols in the neighborhood, and they’re applauding the community for taking a stand.

“We look forward to putting out the neighborhood watch signs. They’ve been doing some good reporting on suspicious vehicles, and that’s the kind of momentum we want to keep and spread across the county about their neighborhood watch,” said Sheriff Jenkins.

For those thinking about knocking down doors and taking their stuff – they have a message for you.

“Our neighborhood is watching. We are not going to let anybody in here who has no business being in here. We are not a gated community, but they’re being watched from every angle,” Redman said. 

Sheriff Jenkins says they have several persons of interests in the recent burglaries, but they have not made any arrests. 

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