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Campaign Coundown: High schooler to represent First District as delegate

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Presidential front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both picked up ground with their wins in New York this week.

Trump is trying to get enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention in Cleveland. 

A local high schooler will soon be representing the First District as a delegate. 

"We will come out of this convention with a great candidate, and we will be stronger than ever," said U.S. Representative Buddy Carter, R, Georgia, First District. 

Delegates chosen at state conventions could end up having a real say in who that candidate ends up being.

"I am running as a delegate, and I would very much like to represent the First District, and I support Ted Cruz, but I also understand...," high school student Will Carter said as the crowd clapped. 

This past weekend, Republican delegates from across the First District elected their delegates for Cleveland.

When the votes were counted, Will Carter, a senior from Benedictine, was one of those chosen to go to the National Convention.

"Cleveland is going to be history in the making. Number one, because it is probably going to be a contested convention, and number two, because I, as an 18-year-old will probably be one of the youngest people there to vote in support of a candidate to become the Republican nominee," Carter said. 

Russ: "Now, you told the crowd that you would support Donald Trump on the first vote as required, but after that?  

Carter: "After that, I would be supporting Ted Cruz because I feel like he could actually get the job done, but out of support for the constituents that did vote in the primary, I would vote for Donald Trump in the first battle."

Carter can do that since he is only bound to Trump on the first vote at the convention. Trump supporters obviously weren't happy with the outcome.

First District Chairman John Wood says whomever the candidate ends up being, the party must come together to support him.

"This isn't a time to divide. This is a time that we have got to unify and we've got to get behind our candidate, and we have got to re-take the White House," he said. 

It became clear during the district conventions across Georgia that many of the delegates chosen, when unbound after the first vote, will support Cruz. That's something that is not setting well with Trump and his supporters, because it could very well hurt him if he doesn't get the nomination before the convention.

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