Laidlaw Incidents Addressed at School Board Meeting

Savannah-Chatham school administrators are taking a close look at whether to continue the school district's contract with the Laidlaw bus company.

The question came just two days after a school bus driver had children get off the bus and lift the arms at a railroad crossing so their bus could pass underneath. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Laidlaw fired the driver.

But whether it's an isolated incident or not, parents and some school officials say it deserves to be investigated.

"I believe parents are concerned for their children's safety and I'm just appalled that something like this could actually happen," said Robin Arila at last night's board meeting.

School board member Gregory Sapp said, "I've got two kids in the school system. I've got a son and a daughter who ride the school buses and I want to be sure they're as safe as they can be. When we send out kids off to school in the bus in the morning, we want to make sure they get home safe and sound and make sure all of our policies and procedures provide for that."

After the incident, Laidlaw instructed every bus driver in the Savannah-Chatham school district to go through a special safety training program.

The acting school district superintendent, George Bowen, plans to meet with Laidlaw representatives on Monday to discuss what he calls very serious concerns about safety.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,