Hilton Head U.S. Coast Guard Axillary unveils new mobile command center

Hilton Head U.S. Coast Guard auxiliary unveils new mobile command center

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Last week, the search efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies were to no avail as they worked together to find a missing kayaker, but that ended up being a hoax.

On Sunday, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary  out of Hilton Head unveiled its new mobile command center, a unit the agency feels will be beneficial when it comes to searches like the one last week

Inside a small truck is a large command center that will allow the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary  to communicate with multiple public safety agencies.

There is currently about 64 members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary active in the Hilton Head chapter, and these volunteers have been working on ways to better coordinate with other agencies in times of emergency.

The standard Ford Escape is equipped with at least three radios that will help them mediate between ground and water support. Members of the Auxiliary feel confident the mobile command center will come in handy during search and rescues.

One officer said the unit will allow them to be a part of the action while keeping communication clear and concise between all the responding agencies.

"We can be the central command center for that, and tie the fire department and tie some of the other organizations that are involved in the search and rescue and provide a back-up for them and provide the communication tied with what they're communicating," shared John Hanfield, U.S. coast guard Auxiliary member.

The command center isn't just limited to communication with the Marines.The auxiliary also has access to radio channels that will allow them to connect with agencies across the globe.

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