Good News: Armstrong's Stress Free Day

Good News: Armstrong's Stress Free Day

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Oh, the stressful life of a college student.

"Students are super stressed," said Mara Demauro, of Armstrong State's Department of Recreation and Wellness. "It's a crazy time of the semester."

And that's actually what Armstrong's Stress Free Day designed to alleviate, a series of events and services available to help students relax as they start to prepare for upcoming final exams.

The event sponsored by the Dept. of Recreation and Wellness provided an opportunity for students to step back from books and grades and papers and pressure for a little yoga or a manicure or light massage.

"It's a great way to relax," said Demauro, who is also an Armstrong senior. "I have people in there saying I have a chemistry test today, so give me some love."

That's why dogs were there, service animals to tame the savage beast of exams anxiety.

"Students are away from home, they're missing their pet," said Demauro. "We're so busy and caught up in academics and other people and whatnot, so this is a time, really for them and I want them just to be in the present moment."

And the present moment at Armstrong Tuesday was a pretty good time to decompress for what's coming.

"The massages, the dogs and getting a manicure and the yoga, it's all just great," said Armstrong sophomore Susannah Hooks. "It's really awesome that our school provides all of this for us."

"You can just relax," added freshman Helena Parsons. "There's something indescribable to have that pressure uplifted instead of the constant pressure of the semester. I'm very superstitious about finals, so it's really nice for Armstrong to provide something like this for the students so we can get back down to business and just relieve all that stress that comes with trying to learn all these new things and just get prepared to go into the real world."

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