Hometown Heroes: United Way volunteers

Hometown Heroes: United Way volunteers

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - They have served seniors, and children and animals, every aspect of our community, and they have served with a selflessness that belies individual recognition.

But it was time to recognize that work Wednesday at the United Way's 37th Annual Volunteer Awards Luncheon, where some of the Coastal Empire's most active volunteers honored for those actions.

"I think it's nice to know that there are so many people working together to make our community better," said Selah Dalacos, of the Humane Society for Greater Savannah, who was named Volunteer Administrator of the Year. "And they are bettering the lives of so many who need an extra helping hand."

Volunteers in five categories ranging from animal advocacy to health and human services to the environment were honored.

Each one with a personal reason for serving, such as Christel-Ann Ramus, who received the Global Youth Service Day Award for her work with Southeastern Guide Dogs.

"I do it," said Ramus, "to give people who are visually impaired or PTSD a new way of life."

Tim Arnold was honored for his work with Tybee Clean Beach Volunteers.

"I walk the beach on Tybee every day and there's trash on it," said Arnold. "So a pleasant evening stroll turns into my arms full of trash. I started bringing a bucket and a picker with me and now there's a group of us who do it as a team."

But these WTOC Hometown Heroes share a sense of giving to others, a calling for which their names were called today.

"Each of us has different gifts, different strength and when you put that all together it's phenomenal," said Samuel Watkins, a 36-year-old Red Cross volunteer, who was honored as the Health and Human Services category winner and also received the Herschel V. Jenkins Volunteer of the Year Award. "It's so nice to be in a group that everyone, in one way or another, is a giving person."

People who, for once, were getting the recognition they deserved.

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