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Highlands residents discuss concerns over industrial development

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Some people in Savannah's fastest growing community are worried about just how fast that growth is happening.

Wednesday night, Alderman Van Johnson held a neighborhood meeting in the Highlands community to talk about it.

A big topic: Industrial development along the Jimmy DeLoach Parkway. A lot of land has already been cleared out there in preparation for that development.
That land is near the Highlands neighborhood, which has some residents there concerned. The city says most of the development will be light industrial facilities and warehouses, not major factories but residents still expressed concern about the tractor trailers that will come as a result.
"My concern, personally, is it's kind of creating an island for the residential section. We've got industrial one direction, we've got a lot of commercial that will come over the next up to five years,” said Barb Stuck, Highlands resident.

"I think the infrastructure that's in place now is not supportive of what we have now, yet they're growing developments that are going to planned and built on in the future,” said Tom Stuck, Highlands resident.
But Alderman Johnson says the city is staying ahead of the game and is being proactive about managing this process as it unfolds.

"We're going to make sure that our citizens in the Highlands have a delightful, wonderful living experience out here. We're going to manage this growth and not let the growth manage us,” said Alderman Johnson.
Something else residents are worried about: more congestion. Traffic is already bad enough in the Highlands area, and people there are worried more development and big trucks will only make things worse.
There's really only one way in and out of the Highlands community now, but the city is considering building an additional access road to the neighborhood to help alleviate any added congestion.

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