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Have You Heard: Urinals in Target ladies rooms, Facebook fees & lottery hoaxes


Is Target really adding urinals to ladies restrooms? Yeah, that is actually spreading on social media and we can tell you if it's a hoax or if it's for real in Have You Heard. But first, let's get spoon deep into some Facebook stew.

Every few months this rumor comes back around, claiming Facebook will start charging its millions of users. And no matter how many times they say there will be no social media membership fees, there are so many who believe it - and share it  and copy it to their wall - and expect their icon to turn blue and their Facebook will be free. 

WTOC viewer Tracie Griffin's friends believed it. It's not happening this summer, or next summer, folks. Stop sharing these posts. Please, seriously.

This week alone five of you - including WTOC viewer Robert Bowen - messaged me hoping beyond hope the mysterious stranger who told them they won a $500,000 Facebook lottery....was telling the truth.  Ladies and gentleman, there is still no Facebook lottery. No matter how badly you want there to be one.

If you want to give your money away to a stranger, go ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you. Block these messages, block the user. Don't even entertain them. If it's a close friend, chances are they were hacked.

And have you seen these posts on social media as the controversy rages on from Christian groups over Target's bathroom policy continues, claiming the retail chain is installing urinals in women's bathrooms?

Target posted a flat-out denial. Saying there has never been a plan for urinals in the ladies room and the policy has not changed allowing transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility corresponding with their gender identity.

This one is false. The chain has no plans for women's room urinal installations.

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