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Tourism Leadership Council crafts new exam for touring guides, companies

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Some in the tourism industry voiced their disappointment when the City of Savannah stopped requiring tour guides and tour companies from taking a certification test.

So to fill the demand for some kind of qualifier, the Tourism Leadership Council has crafted an exam, which many say is even better than the old one.

It is strictly voluntary, though. The operations director for Old Savannah Tours told WTOC they will likely begin requiring potential guides to take this test, to maintain the quality of their business

The test itself is 100 questions, and for $50, applicants get two tries to score 80 or better correct answers. The TLC worked with Armstrong State University, the Georgia Historical Society as well as established guides to come up with a more user friendly study guide.

When the test and background check is passed, the certification is good for two years.

"It is a badge of honor that you wear to say, hey, I've got the knowledge of Savannah, the true history of Savannah. And history is changing. We are learning new facts every day, and that allows us to be very fluid in the way we created the manual, and rewrite the manual, and rework the manual and the test as well. So whenever history, whenever a new facts come about in history, we've got the information,” said Molly Swagler, Tourism Leadership Council.

"As a tour guide, and as a tour company, you have an obligation to deliver factual information. And when you have a group of individuals that are out there that are not underneath an umbrella, giving false information, it gives a bad name to the whole group. And you don't need that,” said Old Savannah Tours Operations Director Johnny Keaton.

Any guide, from a one-person operation to a larger company can take this test. Please click here so you can find out how to become a certified tour guide.

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