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Consider This Editorial- 5/2/16


Last week I had a business dinner with one our clients. Despite her very slight build, she had an appetite that would make the best of eaters very jealous. We’re talking bread and butter, appetizers, steak, potatoes and vegetables, dessert and even an after dinner chocolate. After each course she was a proud member of the clean plate club.

As someone who’s spent a lifetime struggling with portion control and weight issues, I couldn’t understand how someone so thin could eat so much and yet not gain a pound. Frankly it made me a bit uncomfortable.

Now were I in North Carolina or Mississippi, I could form PAC on behalf of dieters, raise money and use it to lobby state legislatures to pass laws preventing people like her from eating in restaurants so when I eat out I wouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable again.

Sounds farfetched, doesn’t it? Almost as farfetched as white only lunch counters, segregated schools or discriminatory laws limiting use of public restrooms.

Consider This: if you’re not comfortable in a public restroom, for whatever reason, the problem is yours and not one that can be legislated away. Let’s not let personal prejudices take this country’s civil rights movement backwards, because we still have so much further to go.   

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