Missing Duck Reunited with Mate

Earlier this week, we brought you the sad tale of a missing mallard named Sampson. He disappeared over the weekend, leaving behind an angry companion named Suzabell with 25 unhatched eggs.

Sampson was found waddling around downtown Savannah and now he's back home. After almost a week of being apart, these two lovebirds picked up exactly where they left off.

"He keeps her happy," said owner Shawn Screen. "They're too in love."

Sampson likes to waddle outside his yard to people-watch, and last Sunday he was doing just that when a man saw Sampson and thought he was lost.

"He would never have thought someone would have the duck in the city, so he took the duck," explained Screen.

Leaving poor Suzabell with 25 eggs and a broken heart.

Luckily, after our story aired, the man called Screen and returned Sampson to the love he's known since he was just a little duckling.

Suzabell couldn't be happier. Today, Sampson's neighborhood threw him a welcome home party, reuniting the two  and making this family whole once again.

"This is like a part of my family, missing child, missing duck, same thing," said Screen. "WTOC brought us back together."

Screen is putting a new gate up so Sampson doesn't get out and is tagging both mallards to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Reported by: Hena Daniels, hdaniels@wtoc.com