Hometown Hero--Nick Gee

Nick Gee
Nick Gee

Retirement is a time to relax and spend more time doing the things you never had time to do. But not for Nick Gee. After 35 years of serving his country in the United States Navy, Gee is now serving his community, teaching people skills that will enhance their lives.

"Here at Union Mission, we're teaching a lot of people who are making other major changes in their lives," he said. "Here at the mission, we're teaching it for them to get their GED, their high school diploma."

The course includes history, science, reading and mathematics. GED classes are taught at several places in Savannah, but no one is more passionate about teaching than Gee.

"Because he really takes the time to get to know the learners that are coming into this program, and it's very important to him that they learn what it is that their goals are," said project director Laura Webb. "So if they want to get the GED, it becomes a big goal of his to help them get the GED and he is very passionate about that, and that shines through, and they know that he cares."

Gee spends at least eight hours a week at the center and several more hours preparing lessons at home.

"The people here that we instruct are giving so much of themselves, not only to learn, but to do other things to bring themselves to set a course for their future, and I can't think of anything more meaningful," said Gee. "I'm honored to do it. It's a blessing to have a chance to share what you have learned in life with others."

For his dedication in helping people set and reach life-changing goals, Nick Gee is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

The adult literacy program at Union Mission is in partnership with the Royce Learning Center.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com