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Good News: Medical High School Preceptorship Program

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Crystal Romero didn't just keep her eyes open. She had them opened.

"I love that I saw a surgery I went through when I was smaller,” said the Woodville Tompkins senior, “and I actually got to see it instead of sleep through.”

Romero was one of 11 Savannah public school students shadowing physicians Tuesday through the Medical High School Preceptorship Program.

Each of the students hopes to enter the medical field and received a firsthand look that could not be duplicated in any classroom.

"We let them know, it's going to be a lot of hard work and they will have to make a lot of sacrifices,” said Dr. Michael Zoller, one of 29 physicians who participate in the program. “But if this is what they want in their heart, it's worth it.”

Dr. Zoller coordinates the physicians for the program that for the last 18 years has been offered through a partnership between the Georgia Medical Society, the Savannah Public School system and Memorial and St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital.

"I get a lot of feedback. These students call me later,” said Dr. Zoller. “And a lot of them told me this has really made a big difference in starting them in the right direction.”

Mykalay Gordon has thought about becoming an anesthesiologist for years. But that dream became more real than ever on Tuesday.

"It was great just seeing what I would do and interacting with the patients and how many patients you see in one day,” said Gordon, a senior at Groves. “I just learned that this is really something I want to pursue in life, being an anesthesiologist.”

All of the students learned about and from the field they hope to be a part of someday.

"It was very valuable,” said Gordon. “It’s going to look real nice on a college transcript when I submit it.”

"It is a great opportunity,” added Romero. “Some kids they know what they want to do, but then again, they don’t know the background knowledge of it. So it is a good program.”

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