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Rincon mom battles drivers ignoring stopped school buses

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Do you stop for school buses? It's the law, and a lot of folks in Rincon and around Effingham County seem to be breaking it - daily.

I went out to get some answers from police on these law-breakers caught in the act.

One Rincon mom says she is sick and tired of seeing buses come up; lights flashing and stopped; and cars and trucks going around them, so she took out her camera and started recording everything she saw, including those violators.

"I talked to my son's bus driver and as her frustration was mounting, every time a car would pass she was like, 'I can't believe they are not stopping, and don't know the law." As the frustration grew, my frustration built," said Kristie Waterfield. 

With a six-year-old son getting off the school bus daily, Kristie Waterfield took her videos to Facebook, and we took her concerns to the Rincon Police Department, who has jurisdiction of Fort Howard Road.

"I had enough, and went to social media just to raise awareness. I can't believe these people are not stopping," she said. "They aren't even pausing, and young children are getting off the bus."

"We actually have several locations where this occurs, so we have to divide our attention to several roadways," said Chief Phillip Scholl, Rincon PD.

Chief of Police in Rincon, Phillips Scholl, says they are stepping up bus stop presence, and anytime a school bus is stopped, you need to stop. Fines range from $300 for a first offense, to $1,000 for a third offense, but sadly, Kristie's videos are good for awareness - but not evidence. 

"We know the vehicle did it, but who was driving? You have a multiple vehicle or a family vehicle; it is more difficult to prove this person in that family was driving that vehicle at that place," said Chief Scholl. 

"I know they are busy, and I'm not asking for every day, but a presence to remind people this is what they are supposed to do."

This week, Kristie is filing a formal complaint, and she's already seen more police presence, and the drivers are stopping, for now. 

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