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SCCPSS: Metal detectors being added to all schools

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The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System approved funding to purchase 34 metal detectors that will be placed at all K-8, middle and high schools starting this fall.

This is in response to all of the violent crime and threats in the community. Remember, we were out at Savannah Arts Academy a couple of weeks ago after more than 60 percent of the student population was absent because of a rumored shooting circulating on Twitter. So there is definitely the fear that the crime will eventually bleed into our schools.

School officials tell WTOC, all K-8, middle and high schools are randomly screened three times a week, using hand-held wands to detect for any prohibited items.

"Currently we're doing hand-held metal detectors so when we conduct the random administrative inspections – our administrators are using the hand-held metal detectors,” said Deputy Chief of Campus Police Dean Fagerstrom.

But starting this fall, each of these schools will receive a walk-through metal detector. Similar to the one at the Board of Education on Bull Street.

However, the walk-through detectors at schools will not be permanently placed in one location. They will be mobile.

Schools will able to use them just about anywhere as added layer of protection during those weekly searches.

"Right now, it's going to be random. It's going to be up to the principals and the administrators of each school site to determine when they want to put them up but right now it's just random,” said Fagerstrom.

The school board plans to spend at least $132,000 for 34 detectors.

"Anything that can protect our kids in a place of learning,” said Howard Sapp, grandparent.

Every parent and grandparent we spoke to who was waiting to pick up their student at Savannah Arts Academy said they're in favor of the school district's plan to boost safety protocols at all K-8, middle and high schools.

"I think the more we can do, the better,” said Joanne Ryan, grandparent.

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