Mother of alleged sexual assault victim upset by Savannah State email

Mother of alleged sexual assault victim upset by Savannah State email
Najim Muhammed, (Source: SCMPD)
Najim Muhammed, (Source: SCMPD)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A mother of a Savannah State student wants answers and acknowledgement from university staff in response to her daughter's alleged sexual assault on campus late last month.

The mother, whose identity we are protecting, is also speaking out because of an email her daughter received from the university following the alleged attack.

The mother of the victim says other than the speedy arrest by the university police department, that she's extremely disappointed with all other aspects of how her daughter's case is being handled by Savannah State.

Najim Muhammed was the man Savannah State University Police arrested and charged with sexual battery, which as a first time offense in Georgia, is a misdemeanor charge.

Muhammed bonded out a week ago.

The police report offers limited details, likely because of the nature of the alleged crime, only saying that officers saw the alleged victim staggering and crying before falling to the ground just after midnight on April 24th.

In the days following, the University's Office of Student Conduct sent an email to the alleged victim saying in part:

Given the allegations involved in this case, you are MANDATED to refrain from having any contact with the other party in this matter.

This did not sit well with the alleged victim's mother.

"I, in fact, reached out to Michael Immings myself to find out. Hey, why would you send this to my daughter? You basically victimized her all over again. It was highly insensitive. He apologized, but the damage is done. He told me he would take it upon himself to look at each situation, you know, accordingly before he does that. He apologized and everything else, but that is wrong," said the mother of the alleged victim.

Michael Immings is with the Office of Student Conduct.

In a statement from Savannah State, they say the email was The Division of Student Affairs adhering to federal, state and system guidelines to address student behavior, all in an effort to prevent further victimization or incidences between the parties.

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