Hometown Hero: Buddy Carter

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Buddy Carter was only doing his job by spending some time at Memorial's Anderson Cancer Institute on Wednesday, there to learn new ways he can help the facility, but also let the doctors and staff know he hasn't forgotten one big way he is still trying to.

"We're trying to tear down barriers," said Carter, "so that the innovative research being done at places like here can go to the patients and the patients will be able to utilize them."

The Congressman wanted folks at Memorial to know that he was still pushing the 21st Century Cures Bill that he helped pass through the house.

If passed, the bill would provide funding for biomedical research and make it easier to include patient perspective in research.

"We think that it's incredibly important to us in increasing our understanding of how cancer works and how cancer cells behave," said Dr. Guy Petruzzelli, vice president of oncology operations at Memorial Health's Anderson Cancer Institute. "And also to translate some of that basic knowledge, some of that fundamental knowledge to the patient, to the bedside and develop more cancer treatments and more effective cancer therapies."

The bill is awaiting Senate approval.

But Carter is still behind it, trying to push it forward.

"We need to dislodge it from the Senate," he said. "it's kind of stuck over there right now, and so we're trying to do everything to get it loose so we can get it in conference and get it passed."

Carter might also only be doing his job by championing 21st Century Cures.

But he is doing in as a WTOC Hometown Hero, the representative representing what he believes is in everyone's best interests.

"This is important legislation," said Carter. "Currently in America, we have 10,000 diseases, but only 500 of them are treatable. Everybody's been impacted by some type of disease, whether it's Alzheimer's, whether it's cancer, heart disease, everybody's been impacted by that. And we all want to see solutions and that's what we're trying to do in Congress and that's what we should be doing."

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