Mother shot while children were in apartment in Santa Claus, GA

Mother shot while children were in apartment in Santa Claus, GA

SANTA CLAUS, GA (WTOC) - New, shocking details in the murder investigation in Santa Claus in Toombs County that we first brought you Thursday.

We've learned a 26-year-old mother died after being shot, with her children in the apartment.

Investigators hope they're getting closer to answers in this case. They tell me Shiann Nicole Cray walked her oldest child to the bus stop Thursday to go to school and came back to her apartment. Sometime after that, someone shot her inside - with her two small children inside - and left her to die.

Toys cover the yard of Cray's apartment just off U.S. 1. Word of her death spread quickly across Santa Claus.

"I thought it couldn't be. Then I came by and saw them here," said Donald Thompson, neighbor.

An anonymous caller tipped off 911 of the shooting. The Toombs County's Sheriff says his people and GBI agents talked to the victim's friends and family all day and all night for clues.

"We have a person of interest that we're trying to find. We need to talk to him and hear from him and know where he was to put some pieces together," said Toombs County Sheriff Alvie Kight.

That lead doesn't relieve neighbors in this quaint little community.

"Yeah I'm worried because I live alone. Anybody could just come up on you," said Thompson.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Toombs County Sheriff's Office or the Eastman office of the GBI.

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