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Interdiction money used to build new Hampton Co. Sheriff's office building

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The Hampton County Sheriff's Office seized more than $1 million in drugs and money during a major traffic stop back in 2014. Thursday, county and city officials got the chance to see that money at work, as WTOC got a firsthand look at the office’s new administrative building.

The Hampton County Sheriff's Office has a new building, but unlike other capital projects, this one was free.

"The only costs to the county was some sewer hookup and electric hook up, the entire facility was paid for by interdiction money, everything inside, the furniture,” said Hampton County Administrator Rose Dobson-Elliot.

The Interdiction Unit was started back in 2009. It patrols the highways for illicit drugs, and a drug bust back in 2014 that yielded more than $1 million made this new office possible.

“After everything went through the courts, we then received our share of the million dollars, we took that money and purchased this building,” said Hampton County Sheriff T.C. Smalls.

There were technology and internet limitations at a previous substation the sheriff’s office was using, but the new office will help make everything more efficient and up-to-date in its operations.

"We have all that access to the internet and the phone services up and going, now when my guys, the detectives and narcotics guys deal with citizens, and victims they can come right here to the main office, it's centrally located and everything can be under one roof,” said Sheriff Smalls.

And being under one roof is a win for the county and taxpayers.

"Having the office back in one place, of course, we save money on rent and we're able to not have separate utility bills, and a more efficient space. So hopefully we're able to see savings out of it,” said Dobson-Elliot.

The interdiction money was also used to buy new patrol cars the office says were greatly needed.  

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