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SCAD Sand Arts Festival held on Tybee Island

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Some artists work with paint, others with clay, and both can be expensive. But a free event for artists and visitors is sand sculpting.

The sculpting part of the SCAD Sand Arts Festival is wrapped up on Tybee Island.

Elizabeth Winnel and Will Penny won for their Mario Bros inspired sculpture. They also incorporated an Acorn into the piece, another SCAD symbol.

The two didn't even sand sculpt while they were enrolled, but happy to come back and partake.

"Really excited, really glad. SCAD spirit, sharing SCAD spirit. Celebrating it through a piece of work is rewarding,” said Winnel.

The two started at 8 a.m. Friday morning and finished their winning piece at 2 p.m.

We caught up with an architectural major who has won challenges in Miami but says Tybee sand does have its challenges.

"The sand has too much Quartz in it, you need sand that's more silica and clay based, so I didn't achieve as much detail as I really wanted but it was a day at the beach, it was fun, and I walked away with some money so it was a good day,” said David Grabiel, SCAD sophomore.

Here is the list of winners:

SCAD Spirit Award

  • WINNER: Sand Sculpture Entry #42 - Will Penny, Britt Spencer, Liz Winnat

SCAD is Family Award

  • WINNER: Sand Sculpture Entry #3 - Lucilla Hoshor, Keianne Taylor, Daniel Hoshor, Jiyeon Pereira

Alumni Choice Award

  • WINNER: Air Entry #12 - "Beewatch" - Sarah D'auriol, Nick Place, Erin Holub, Brianna Huffman

Prysmian New Energy Award

  • FIRST PLACE: Air Entry #34 - "Chandelier" - Katerina Vander Naten
  • SECOND PLACE: Air Entry #12 - "Beewatch" - Sarah D'auriol, Nick Place, Erin Holub, Brianna Huffman
  • THIRD PLACE: Air Entry #9 - "Windscales" - Vandal Novacek, Miguela Allen

Sand Relief Award

  • WINNER: Entry #27 - "Found Dory in SAV" - Carissa Camilleri, Lydia Hartley, Haley Brewer
  • RUNNER UP: Entry #13 - "Keep Beach City Weird" - Kayla Smith, Mary Duncan, Kaylee Floyd, Taylor Lilly

Sand Sculpture Award

  • WINNER: Entry #1 - "Reverse Mermaid" - Spencer Koerl, Madison Ellis, Samantha Greene, Julia Chamberlain
  • RUNNER UP: Entry #6 - "Faceplant" - Naomi Williams, Cindy Reyes, Kaylee Hettenbaugh, Sean Cruikshank

Sand Castle Award

  • WINNER: Entry #11 - "Lonely Island" - Sydney Fowler, Taylor Hutchins, Jonathan Henderson, John Nesselrode
  • RUNNER UP: Entry #3 - "The Beehive Palace" - David Gabriel, Isaac Toonkel

Air Award

  • WINNER: Entry #5 - "The Bee & The Acorn" - Lulu LaFontine, Giani Yarto
  • RUNNER UP: Entry #12 - "Beewatch" - Sarah D'auriol, Nick Place, Erin Holub, Brianna Huffman

Sand Jam Award

  • WINNER: Jodi Nishijima
  • RUNNER UP: Fisher Ritter

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