Good News: WWII vets honored

Good News: WWII vets honored

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some sentiments should never stop being expressed, even 72 years and one day after the reason for them.

"Victory in Europe"' said Doug Andrews, of the Veterans Council of Chatham County, "was about five eighths of the way through to finishing the job on World War II."

That victory was recognized again Sunday on VE Day, and the unending gratitude for those responsible for that victory echoed on River Street this morning at a ceremony honoring World War II veterans, their service and their sacrifice.

"War is war," said honoree Howard Young. "I was 17 years old when I volunteered."

Young was one of about a dozen veterans on hand for the ceremony hosted by the Concerned Veterans of America.

He was also among three presented with replicas of the medals they were awarded during World War II.

"I have these medals that were given to me when I was discharged and I have them hanging on a wall in my home," said Young. "I just appreciate them thinking of me so much that they give me these medals again. It's something I really appreciate."

But today, as every day, the real appreciate was directed toward these heroes.

"Imagine being sent on a job and you're not told when you're going to come back home, when you're going to see your parents again or what you have to do to get back home," said Andrews. "These medals and ribbons are a reflection of what they've done and where they've been and the campaigns or battles they've fought in.  Some of them are valor awards and some are awards for being assigned to that area and doing their job."

A job for which this country still thanks them.

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