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Consider This!: 5/9/16

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I consider myself to be a charitable person. I donate to multiple charities and I serve on the board of several non-profit organizations.

I feel good about the effort I make, or at least I felt good about that effort until last week.

That’s when I happened to meet a woman named Angie. It was Sunday afternoon at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House near the Children’s Healthcare Hospital in Egleston. Angie is a volunteer and on this particular Sunday, she would give of her day and night to help the families whose children are in the hospital.

In fact, Angie would be there up until it was time for her to get up early Monday morning and go to her paid job of being a school teacher.

Later that night, I ran across a group of Delta Airlines employees whose idea of an after-work happy hour was to prepare and feed dinner to those very same families at the Ronald McDonald House.

Stories like Angie’s are being played out here at home as well, be it our Ronald McDonald house on the Memorial campus, or at dozens of other local charities. It would be nice if those stories of acts of giving would go as viral on social media as the usual acts of stupidity do, but they don’t.

Consider this: Donating money to a charity is vital to the organizations existence, but donating your time, and more importantly your heart, is vital to the existence of both you and those you are sharing it with.

Please consider giving more of both. I know I will.

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