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Good News: Hesse, Marsh Pointe headed to Science Olympiad finals

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At two local schools, the results are evident before the experiment has been completed.

Students a Hesse and Marsh Pointe Elementary schools are preparing for the Science Olympiad State Finals, a competition that will test their science knowledge and skills.

But these district co-champions have won before they've even left for Friday's championship at Kennesaw State.

“They get to experience,” said Hesse fifth grade teacher Dina Boies, “what scientists do every day.”

"It is fun to learn about this stuff,” added Hesse fifth grader Reese Madison Stainback. “I really like being in science.”

The Olympiad has combined fun and learning for the Hess fifth graders and Marsh Pointe fourth graders.

The teams have worked on science projects and a jeopardy-style quiz bowl similar to the one they will face in the finals, challenges like building straw towers that have taught them the value of working together

"If you cooperate, teamwork can help you,” said Hesse fifth grader Benjamin Bethel. “One person can hold the tower up while the other is able to put the tower together.”

"The kids have worked really hard from the beginning,” added Marsh Pointe fourth grade teacher Anna Kate Mahany. “They take all of their hands-on knowledge and their background knowledge and do a lot of research.”

The teams do the Science Olympiad work in addition to classwork, spending their free time preparing for the competition.

"They stay after school to do it,” said Hesse gifted teacher Becky Bethel. “They want to be on the team, they want to stay after school and do these activities. It's awesome, they're so excited.”

The teams were excited for the district title they shared last month.

"We were mainly screaming and dancing around and jumping around the trophies,” said Marsh Point fourth grader Brennan Bishop. “We were really happy.”

And both schools now look forward to their first trip to the state finals.

"There are about 65 schools competing, so it's a little out of our league in some ways,” said Becky Bethel. “But we're going for the experience.”

"We expect to work really hard ahead of time and we expect to be competitive,” added Mahany. “I don't know if we'll take first place because we will be competing with some very experienced schools. But we hope to learn a lot when we're there and maybe go back next year.”

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