Footbridge proposed for new business in Savannah's City Market

Footbridge proposed for new business in Savannah's City Market


Changing the face of City Market, a new mystery proposal has made its way to Savannah city leaders. 

A change is being proposed for a footbridge to go across an open space and connect to the businesses straight across.

“It certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings. It would make it easier to get to my business,” said James Stokes, Thomas Kinkade Gallery.

James Stokes runs the Thomas Kinkade Gallery, which is next door to what he says is expected to be a Prohibition Era museum, run by the group behind the Old Town Trolley Tours. They are the ones proposing the footbridge plan, with an assist from City Market's team, who is not saying anything claiming that the tenant isn't ready to make it public. Too late though…it's on Savannah City Council's agenda for Thursday, and has been approved by the Historic Review Board and various city services.

“It would make it more accessible. That way, people from out there would be able to come across, because the way it is now, people walk around or are just not able to come through, and we lose out on a lot of traffic because of it,” said Stokes.

The footbridge would be three feet on each side of the clock. We will find out much more at Thursday's city council meeting. 

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