MV/Reliant, SCCPSS compromise on bus contract termination

MV/Reliant, SCCPSS compromise on bus contract termination

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Following MV-Reliant Transportation's request to terminate their contract with the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, there have been a lot of negotiations and some compromise regarding the terms of separation.

While MV-Reliant won't be finishing the original two-year contract with the district, they will be around to help with the transition to a district-run transportation system. Consultants and attorneys on both ends worked to reach a compromise, involving transitional services, including vehicle repairs.

MV-Reliant's transitional staff will work with the school district until the end of June. MV-Reliant will also be selling the district nearly forty newer, low-mileage buses that can be put into rotation at the beginning of next school year.

WTOC asked Vanessa Kaigler, the district's chief officer over Facilities Management and Support Services, if the school district will end up owing MV-Reliant money, or vice versa, following the compromises reached.

"When you look at those transition costs that MV has agreed to pay the district for, there will be a bottom line. But as we work through with those final maintenance costs will be, we'll probably not have those final numbers until after the summer, until after we assess the fleet and make sure all of the repairs have been made," said Kaigler.

She says you'll see buses running practice routes all summer long as new drivers become acclimated with pickup and drop-off points around the county.

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