Miss Savannah Trial Juror Speaks

Three weeks after acquitting Nikki Redmond in the murder of Kevin Shorter, one juror gives his reasons for the "not guilty" verdict.

The jury's decision seemed to catch a lot of people by surprise. Today, the jury's foreman, Frank Wilson, Jr., sat down with us today, saying jurors came up with the verdict by following the law as they interpreted it.

A lot of people remember the moment very well when Redmond learned she was a free woman.

But as Wilson told us today, when they went in to deliberate, nine jurors thought Redmond was not guilty and three thought she was guilty. Ten hours later, everyone was on the same page.

"My initial gut instinct was she was not guilty," Wilson said.

Wilson didn't want to appear on camera. He didn't even want to be a juror. He showed up to jury selection dressed--as he described--like a bum. "I did dress inappropriately," he told us.

His attempts to get off jury duty ended when he came face to face with Redmond. "Miss Redmond turned around and tears were streaming down her eyes, and it did touch me spiritually."

Seven days of testimony ended with Miss Savannah taking the stand. "I found her testimony to be truth and faithful," said Wilson.

But he says he had questions. "The thing about the warning shot is what puzzled us. If she pulled the gun out and waved it like this...it just happened to fire his way. I don't think she fired at him."

Eight other jurors agreed. But it would take two days and ten hours of deliberating before all 12 would find Redmond not guilty of murder.

"She felt danger when he went to the car," Wilson said. "Then we applied the law, that if she felt her life was in danger, she just had the right to defend herself."

Wilson says life after the trial doesn't seem as safe, but he's sticking by his initial instinct. "I feel good about my verdict and feel she did fire the gun, according to the law, in self-defense."

Wilson says, while he feels sorry for Kevin Shorter's family, he says the jury focused only on murder charges and manslaughter or other options were never discussed.

We spoke with Redmond's attorney, Michael Schiavone. He says Redmond is working on her masters degree. Plus she's fielding interview offers from Larry King, Nancy Grace, and other talk shows. Even a movie about the trial is being discussed.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com