Recreation Department Tapes Little League Games for Deployed Troops

Spending some time at the ballpark this spring? It's little league season. But not all the moms and dads can make it to the games, especially if they're deployed in Iraq. But we were at one season opener those military moms and dads will get to see far from home.

Statesboro is one of those places where opening night for little league is bigger than the big leagues. Teams cross the field with pomp and circumstance, smoke and applause.

It was cool for Courtney Kency for another reason. His dad was there to see it. His dad, Sgt. 1st Class Erice Kency, is deployed to Iraq. But Courtney's new baby brother brought Dad home for some father-son baseball bonding.

"My wife's birth wasn't supposed to be until the 14th, but she had it early so I just happened to be home in time for this," said Sgt. 1st Class Kency.

Hundreds of other local parents weren't so fortunate. As members of the local National Guard unit, they're at the National Training Center on their way to Iraq. For them, this season will be no more than photos and videos.

The Statesboro Bulloch County Parks and Recreation Department wants to help. "We're going to film opening night with the parade of teams and the fireworks and of their child's games and send it overseas to that mom or dad who's serving our country," said operations division manager Chad Avret.

They're going to keep track of the kids with parents overseas, tape those games and ship the videos as soon as possible.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,