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One-way street changes in the works for downtown Savannah?

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When you talk about creative parking solutions, one idea may be too extreme to be brought up in public - at least, yet.

We touched on it back in January, but talk of turning two prominent one-way streets into part parking, part bike lane, is starting to grow louder.

Four years ago, the city of Savannah turned Price Street into one lane – with one lane the bike lane, and one lane parking.

Some folks have a lot of questions. What if the city did the same thing with Whitaker and Drayton streets? It’s something city leaders are actually thinking about.

“I think we need to try everything we can try,” said Alderman Bill Durrence, District 2.

Alderman Bill Durrence loves the idea. He rides bikes with his wife, and thinks it would make the city more bike-friendly and slow down speeders on the two main one-way streets. While he and other council members wait for specifics from the Parking Matters study, he knows there are critics who say bicyclists aren't using the current bike lanes - and bad drivers are always out there causing issues, too.

“Education and getting people to pay attention is a never-ending process, and there will always be people who will not like it, because they are used to. It changes the status quo,” Durrence said.

He says the feeling he gets is there are some who want to push the idea off for a while, fearing an extreme backlash. He'd like to see it presented sooner, but won't put a timeline or expiration date on the transformation idea.

“I don’t know. I would love for us to start trying something...anything,” he said.

Durrence says he's had conversations with the city manager, but he's not sure how far it will go from there. He tells WTOC they are waiting for more information from the Parking Matters study, including volume of traffic on the one-way streets.

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