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Losing business over Boundary St. Project construction

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It's been one month since the City of Beaufort broke ground on its newest and largest capital improvement project. That includes a total face lift of Boundary Street, taking place over the next two years.

The goal of the Boundary Street Project is to beautify the entrance into the city, in hopes of attracting visitors and increasing tourism. But businesses along this strip say all they've seen during construction is a decrease in sales.

For Jacob Fulcher, managing a business on Boundary Street has been a nightmare the past few months.

"Well it's caused some delays with customers coming in trying to find someone to give them a ride here, you know a lot of our customer base doesn't have a ride so it's been tough for elderly people to get someone to bring them in,” said Lender Loans Branch Manager Jacob Fulcher.

Construction on Boundary Street is not just affecting customer traffic, it's also affecting business operations.

"What would have normally taken 10 to 15 minutes tops to make a bank drop, is now taking 30 to 45 minutes because of traffic. Once we have so much money, company policy is we have to drop that money immediately, so that leaves one of us to manage the office and that affects customer service because the ones that are able to make it in are having to wait,” said Fulcher.

It's a concern city officials are working to address.

"One of our efforts include the businesses that have to have their signs relocated. We've actually surveyed their sites and have a couple recommended pre-approved positions to move their signs too to expedite and simplify that process for them. Also, we're allowing any business that's affected to put up a banner or yard sign,” said Beaufort Senior Project Manager David Coleman.

Signs that will be up for at least the next year.

"We're just getting started well on this project good we're going to dig up both sides of the road, dig up this entire street, we're just getting started so you will see plenty of excavation work done but the key is we're going to keep people in the field and we're going to keep that momentum forward,” said Coleman.

The city says this closure on 1st Street will be the only closure during the project. The Department of Transportation has rules in place that prevent closing Boundary Street completely except for a few lane closures here and there.

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