Campaign Countdown: Trump meets with Paul Ryan

Campaign Countdown: Trump meets with Paul Ryan

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Republicans appear to be making progress trying to unify from what has been a divisive primary.

Thursday, both presumptive nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan said they were encouraged after a meeting in Washington at the Republican National Committee building.

Ryan has not exactly embraced Trump as the nominee, and is yet to publicly endorse him, but said he heard a lot of good things from the candidate.

"We talked about life and how strongly we feel about this core principle. We talked about the Supreme Court and things like this. I was very encouraged with what I heard from Donald trump today. I do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences, and so from here we're going to go deeper into the policy areas to see where that common ground is and how we can make sure that we are operating off the same core principles," said Ryan.

Trump has criticized the GOP establishment during his primary campaign—going as far as accusing it of trying to "steal" the nomination from him.  He tweeted after the meeting "Great day in D.C. with Speaker Ryan and Republican leadership.  Things working out really well."

Republicans know that for things to work out really well for them in November they will have to present a unified front—one of the reasons for today's meeting as they attempt to get on the same page.

Even South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump's most vocal and harshest critics, seems to be softening his stance as the GOP seeks to come together.  The Republican senator who called Donald Trump a "nut job" and a "loser" is softening his stance as the GOP seeks to unify.

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of Trump's harshest critics, told reporters that he spoke with Trump by telephone Wednesday. He described the billionaire candidate as funny, cordial and said he asked insightful questions about national security.

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