Mourning the loss of 2 Georgia Southern students

Mourning the loss of 2 Georgia Southern students

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - A pair of tragedies far from Georgia Southern University's campus still have the university community in mourning.

The death of a Georgia Southern University student in North Carolina has people across the state reflecting on his death.

Davis Zinsenheim died on a hiking trip, trying to rescue a friend who'd fallen at Raven Rock Falls.

Zinsenheim was a junior from the Atlanta area.

School leaders tell us his fraternity went en mass to be with Davis' family. News of his death spread among students even though the university is on break before summer semester begins.

Administrators tell us friends aren't shocked by his heroism.

"All the students I've spoken with and what I've seen on social media are saying that's exactly what Davis would do," said Dean of Students Dr. Patrice Jackson. "None are surprised. They feel that his last act was a perfect example of who he was as a person."

He's one of two Southern students killed in tragic accidents this week.

Sophomore Roman Guerrero died Sunday in a crash in Savannah. His death leaves a void from there all the way back to campus.

"He was a scholar, he was a BUILD leader. That means he came to campus even before his first semester to do community service in Statesboro," said Dean Jackson.

These deaths come after the loss of five nursing majors last spring, and others.

"Georgia Southern been through its share of grief in the past couple of years and that is unfortunate. What is fortunate though, is we've come together closer than we have ever been," Dean Jackson said.

Dean Jackson says they've already reached out to the students closest to both young men and will be ready to help when everyone gets back to campus.

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