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North Beach restrooms set to open soon

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Tybee Island is getting a major beach upgrade - and it should be ready very soon! 

The restroom project at North Beach is scheduled to be finished by Memorial Day weekend.

The mayor said the project did hit a couple of set-backs waiting for some supply shipments to come in, so there might be a slight delay; however, he is hopeful they can still have it ready in time for the big holiday weekend.

A lot of potty talk going on around Tybee!

Folks can't wait for construction on these new restrooms to be complete on a busy part of the island, North Beach.

"Very busy. Family busy and I think everyone needs the restrooms and the showers for the kids," said Elizabeth Chodzin, Tybee Island resident.

They tore down the old restrooms for this upgrade which will also include changing areas, showers, and concessions.

"The architecture is super great.  It looks like it blends into the beach very well and I'm excited to see it when I come back," said AnnaBelle Palmer, visiting from Woodstock, VA.

"We're excited the way these things look,” said Mayor Jason Buelterman, City of Tybee. “I mean they're bathrooms but you want to make them look like they fit into surrounding architecture and I think we've worked very hard to make that happen."

Right now, folks are dealing with port-a-potties.

"It wasn't too bad for a portable toilet," said Palmer.

However, many are excited they'll be gone soon and the permanent facilities will be open.

"We're leaving to go home now, yes to go to the bathroom," said Chodzin.

Mayor Beulterman says this work at North Beach is just the beginning and the south end is next.

"We've had old, out-dated, too small bathrooms for decades out there and we're excited that we're moving forward on taking care of that problem," said Mayor Buelterman.

The mayor said he's hopeful that in the next year to year and a half they'll be able to update the restrooms on the south end.

He said the cost of the North Beach project was about $900,000 with that money coming from SPLOST.

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